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Welcome to the 2013 West Palm Beach Time Trial Series.
The Final Time Trial for this year will be November 3, 2013
Registration will open at 7:15 am with the 1st rider off at 8:01am. 
We look forward to you particapating in the 2013 West Palm Beach Time Trial Series.
Hope to see you there!


Please continue to visit our website www.wpbraceseries.com for race results, Time Trial information and more upcoming races.

Hope to see you for our next 15k TT of the 2013 series.

Thanks again,

Mike & Joan Purdy


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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday 4-21-13
The day turned out the be wonderful for the great group of racers that took the chance. The rain clouds went away and the sky got blue. There were a lot of good times today and some very close times. The fastest Junior woman, Laura (15) did the 15 K in 35:09.46. The fastest woman was Jeanine Seeger (30-39) with a 22:19.13 followed by Amy Good (30-39) with a 22:34.63 then rounding off the top three fastest women Kathy Petrillo (50-59) with a 22:44.48. For the men it was Ashton Hulsher with a 21:22.59 followed by Roman Paczka (50-59) of Sarasota with a 21:31.43 then Tom Redpath (40-49) with a 21:42.79. John Wells won the (65-69) with a 22:07.67, Darryl Troy won the (70-74) with a 24:44.88 and Bob Herbert won the 75+ with a 28:00.90. On the women's side, First timer, Tiffany Evans won the women's (19-29) with a 25:14.61, Debra Slifkin won the (40-49) with a 27:38.10. I want to thank our volunteers Wilson Williams for handling the turnaround and the ice water, Alan Chernin for doing the holding and my wife Joan.
Hope to see you at the next time trial on Sunday, May 12th.
9:05 pm edt 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Feb & April TT
Another great group of racers showed up February 24 for the first time trial of the season. Out of the 40 racers ages 10 to 75+ Greg Cousins had the fastest time for the men with a 20:21.60 with Adam Furlong a close second with a 20:56.50. For the women Jeannie Seeger had the fastest time with a 22:41.98 with Sheila cousins just a mere 11 seconds behind her with a 22:53.44. Out of the six juniors, The fastest junior was 14-year-old, John Paul Gilbert with a 21:54.19 for the full 15 K course. On the 8K course it was 11-year-old Julin Guarniere with a time of 19:37.25 for the junior men and it was a 15-year-old Laura Gust with a time of 20:49.89 for the junior women.  
Second time trial of the season, on April 7, fastest man of the day was Rudy Robaina with a 21:51.94 and Scott Wu, 29 seconds back, with a 22:20.65. Jeannie Seeger had the fastest time for the women with a 22:32.72 with Kathy Petrillo a mere 2 seconds back with a 22:34.75.
The fastest junior on the 8K course was 10-year-old Casey Wiley with the 19:59.44 with 10-year-old Conor Cane second with a 22:18.53.
I want to thank our volunteers, because without them we couldn't do this: Wilson for setting up the turnaround, checking the course and bring in the ice water. Alan  for being the holder. Alex for setting up the 8K junior turnaround. Gloria for helping out with the timing. And my lovely wife Joan for all her help and support. The next time trial will be April 21.
10:03 am edt 

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